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  • Social Science and Management Division is founded basing on the broader sense of social science disciplines including law, finance and management, philosophy of science and technology, design art, as well as its feature on “ Soft Science Studies”. The division carries on studies, education and policy consultation comprehensively and competitively on issues related to the economy, social and industrial problems in Shenzhen and even the whole country broadly. Inter-discipline studies on science and technology innovation and foresight, industrial planning and policy, originality design and brand image strategy, industrial and social development of Hong Kong-Macau and Pearl River Delta, civil constructions in cities and institution design, remote education and ability oriented education, as well as psychology and social works are also conducted here to build an influential soft science research base in the state. Faculties in this division also take charge in the humanistic education courses, comprehensive ability oriented courses for master students of engineering, as well as the common courses for graduate students in this school.

  • 1. Soft science research

    2. Science and technology innovation and forsight studies

    3. Science popularization research

    4. Industrial planning and policy studies

    5. Social development and Urban Management

    6. Originality design and brand image Strategy studies

    7. Research on industrial and social development of Hong Kong-Macao and Pearl River Delta

    8. Research on civil constructions in cities and institution design

    9. Remote education and ability oriented education

    10. Psychology and social work Research