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  • The establishment of Advanced Manufacturing Division at Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University is to meet requirements of vigorous development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry during China and Shenzhen "12th 5-Year" Program.

    The primary goal of the division:
    (1) Improve traditional manufacturing with emerging technologies to serve the local economy.
    (2) Research the core and general technology of high-end equipment manufacturing for emerging industries of strategic importance.

    The research fields of the division:
    (1) Micro- and Nanofabrication and detection (key micro- and nano-photoelectric components, ultra-precision optical-electro mechanical integration system, micro- and nano-equipment, etc.);
    (2) Advanced high-end equipment (new energy and micro special energy equipment, OLED and new type flat panel display equipment, electronic and semiconductor manufacturing and detecting equipment, accurate tumor targeted therapy equipment and other biomedical instruments, etc.);
    (3) Mechanical and electrical control and fluid dynamics machine (design, manufacture and optimization of hydraulic and pneumatic components and system, micro-turbine and other fluid dynamics machine, etc.);
    (4) Green manufacturing (low-carbon mechanical and electrical machine and full cycle design, cleaner production, lead-free electronics technology, etc.);
    (5) Key photoelectric components and system (new type projector and display, new type sensor, biosensor, etc.);
    (6) Data storage and security (optical storage, magnetic storage, solid state storage, super capacity multi dimensional optical storage, strategies and programs of security storage, etc.).

    To better promote the development of advanced manufacturing discipline, the division actively makes short-term, mid-term and long-term development plans, respectively, based on the establishment of "new type photoelectric and advanced manufacturing equipment strategic innovation base", as well as the resources of Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology, Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center, Nano Center, Department of Physics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and the advantages of the multidisciplinary disciplines. To give play to the existing advantages, strive to open up new cut-in points, actively take part in the integration of related disciplines to enhance the overall strength of the Graduate School, the division makes full use of the manufacturing base and advantages of supporting industries in Shenzhen, establishes in-depth research cooperation with high-end manufacturing companies such as Foxconn, Anwell, Nitto Kogyo, and carry out joint research and academic exchanges with international well-known corporations and research institutions, so as to expand division's influence at home and abroad.

    In the next 5 years, the division will make an effort to reach the international advanced level in 2 to 3 fields and build several national and Shenzhen engineering centers or key laboratories. Under the unified coordination in the Graduate School in Shenzhen, relying on Tsinghua University, the division will strive to get some major national projects to ensure the good development. The division actively introduces international leading talents and form a high level research team with young faculties. In the future there will be about 20 faculties and about 15 two-base faculties.


  • Complete and on-going research projects of the division:

    1. High density optical disc testing and evaluation equipment, Guangdong and Hong Kong bidding project of Guangdong Province.

    2. Electronic and electric components harmless technology and equipment, the National Key Technology R&D Program.

    3. Typical household electrical appliances recycling key technologies research, demonstration and application, the National Key Technology R&D Program.

    4. Research, development and industrialization on digital video disc read-write optical head(small movements) optical tester, Electronic Products Development Fund of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    5. High Density Optical Memory Associated Lab the OMNERC- Dongwan Anwell Digital Inc, transverse direction.

    6. High density optical pickup three dimensional actuator system digital model technology, “863” project.

    7. Research, development and industrialization on high density optical pickup production equipment, Guangdong and Hong Kong bidding project of Guangdong Province.

    8. Research on HD red-ray laser optical pickup, development and industrialization, Electronic Products Development Fund of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    9. Development of accurate tumor targeted therapy equipment.

    10. Application of complex optical surface profile in high performance optical system computer aided design, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    11. Basic science problem research on full-face large-scale excavation equipment design and manufacture, “973” project.

    12. Research on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) recycling process and equipments, Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Project.

    13. Optimization method of Intelligent design in blue-ray optical head, National Excellent Doctor Special Fund.

    14. Research, development and industrialization on high performance micro-projector module, Guangdong and Hong Kong bidding project of Guangdong Province.

    15. Research on evaluation index system of green properties in electronic waste recycling technology, supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

    16. Research and development on 3D micro-projector prototype system, transverse direction.

    17. A series of basic applied technology research on biometrics, transverse direction.

    18. Research and development on portable iris image capture instrument, longitudinal direction.

    19. Research on axial fast flow CO2 laser power stability, transverse direction.

    20. Research and development on micro-turbine air motor.

    21. Research and development on high energy density micro-power generation system.

    22. Research and development on electric vehicle power management system.

    23. Research and development on hydraulic free piston engine.