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  • The Division of Information Science and Technology (DIST) carries on high-end research and teaching activities based on the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University. DIST was co-established by Tsinghua and Shenzhen Municipal Government as an experimental base for information science and technology, which also serves as an incubator for high-level talents and scientific innovation.

    DIST currently has more than 30 faculty members, 5 of which are professors and 10 associate professors. Besides that, DIST also has more than 20 dual-base faculty members who are both affiliated with the Graduate School and the main campus of Tsinghua University. With more than 4000 m2 research lab rooms, DIST is now educating 250 postgraduate students, of which 40 are PhD candidates.

    DIST is composed of the following 9 laboratories:
    Laboratory of Computer Application Technology
    Laboratory of Internet Science
    Laboratory of Contemporary Communications / ASIC Research Center
    Laboratory of Vision Information Processing
    Laboratory of LED lighting
    Laboratory of IC and System Design
    Laboratory of Broadband Network and Multimedia Technology
    Laboratory of Intelligent Computing
    Laboratory of Embedded System and Technology

    DIST also sets up 6 joint research centers and labs with well-known universities and enterprises:
    Joint Research Center on Multimedia Science, Technology and Systems (with HK Chinese Uiversity)
    Tsinghua-PolyU Joint Lab on Biometrics (with HK Polytechnic University)
    Tsinghua-Southampton Technology Innovation Center (with University of Southampton , UK)
    Tsinghua-Southampton Joint Lab on Web Science (with University of Southampton , UK)
    Joint Lab on Health Management (with Shenzhen Beitai Health Company)
    Engineering Research Center on Intelligent Sensor Networks (with CISCO)

    DIST research areas cover four level-1 disciplines, namely Electronics Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and Control Science and Engineering.

    Among the four level-1 disciplines, 13 level-2 disciplines are covered: Physical electronics, circuits and system, micro-electronics and solid electronics, magnetic and microwave technology, communication and information system, signal and information processing, computer architecture, computer software and theory, computer applications, control theory and control engineering, detection technology and automation, system engineering, pattern recognition and intelligent systems.

    DIST focuses on academic research and key technology development on Next-Generation-Internet and multimedia streaming, Digital TV and Multimedia Home Portal, 3D Video, Communications, system IC design.
  • Projects:

    1. High speed Next-Generation-Internet Technology

    2. Internet and Security

    3. Internet applications

    4. Internet engineering

    5. Digital Walkie-Talkie

    6. Digital Group Mobile Communications

    7. New Generation Mobile Communication Technology

    8. Communication Network Simulation

    9. Communication Network QoS

    10. MANET Communication networks

    11. Interactive Digital TV STB

    12. Multimedia and Streaming encoding

    13. Internet multimedia security

    14. Multimedia AI applications

    15. Digital video transcoding gateways

    16. Internet and Information security

    17. Motion detection and monitoring technology based on Video

    18. ID recognition based on multi-biometrics

    19. 3D video transmission and display

    20. Medical video processing based on MRI

    21. Industry vision video processing

    22. Pattern recognition and machine learning foundamental theory research

    23. CRM and E-business

    24. Web Data Mining and Decision making Web

    25. High-volume data storage and processing

    26. Computer Integrated Manufacturing system

    27. High-power white LED lighting

    28. Optical design of LED lighting systems
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