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  • As a multidisciplinary research unit, the Division of Energy and Environment focuses on high voltage power systems and electronics, energy and environmental material engineering, green manufacturing with pollution control and resource conversion, as well as water and environmental safety research. The division hosts several national and municipal key laboratories in various areas. Faculties and students collaborate to carry out frontier sciences research and provide essential technological supports to national economy.

    Power and electric engineering

    Research activites are focused on traditional high voltage insulation technologies such as the compact transmission line, mechanism of gas discharge and electric power insulation problems at high altitude area, high voltage discharge along contaminated surfaces, high voltage experimental tests, dielectric properties of the high voltage materials and ultra high voltage, etc. Another important research direction is the high voltage novelty technologies including the environmental (water and exhaust gas treatment) and biomedical application of the pulsed discharge plasma, nonthermal processing of liquid food by pulsed electric field, atmospheric pressure plasma and their applications

    Material science and engineering

    Research interests of this field include battery material research, thermal management and Engineering, environmental materials research, metal materials processing, nanomaterials application, functional materials and devices development, as well as materials characteristics technologies

    Water and environmental safty

    Research activities of this field cover restoration of natural water environment, water supply management and treatment technologies, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, rainfall runoff management, reclaimed water utilization and safety evaluation, design and planning of municipal water pipe network, simulation and analysis of water environment, strategic environmental impact assessment, wastewater solids treatment and utilization, waste biomass utilization and environmental evaluation.
  • Complete and on-going research projects in Power and Electric Engineering:

    1. The mechanism of insulator contamination accumulated. PI:ZHichen GUAN, Professor

    2. Flashover mechanism of the contaminated insulation, prediction model and control methods of the transmission lines—The test method of the artificial contamination for DC composite insulators (National Basic Research Program of China, PI:ZHichen GUAN, Professor

    3 Research on mechanism of micro ice accretion on transmission line and insulators. National Natural Science Foundation of China. PI:ZHichen GUAN, Professor

    4. Mechanism of streamer propagation along insulation surfaces in the high altitude areas. PI:Liming WANG, Professor

    5. Study on model of evaluting the stats of external insulation of power system PI:Liming WANG, Professor

    6. Plasma facilitated low-carbon hydrocarbon selective catalytic ruduction of NOx. PI:Liming WANG, Professor

    7. Design of anti-icing coating applying for insulators (cooperated with Technical Research Center of China Southern Grid as a part of the Supporting Program of the 11th 5-year Plan for Sci & Tech Research of China )PI:Zhidong JIA, Professor

    8.Study on Stator Bar Vibration of Large Generators and the Resulted Damages. National Natural Science Foundation of China. PI:Zhidong JIA, Professor

    9.Research on mechanism and precautionary measure of icing flashover for insulators (cooperated with ELECTRIC POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF GUANGDONG POWER GRID CORPORATION). PI:Zhidong JIA, Professor

    10. Degradation of the toxic organics in water by bipolar pulsed discharge, National Natural Science Foundation of China;PI: Ruobing ZHANG, Associate Professor

    11.Pulsed electric field equipment and its application in liquid food preservation as part of the National Key Technologies R & D Program of China during the 11th 5-year Plan Period PI: Ruobing ZHANG, Associate Professor

    12. Atmospheric pressure plasma and its application

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  • Center for Biotechnology & BioMedicine2011-01-13
  • Tsinghua Sub-Center of National Research Center for Hybrid Rice Technology2011-01-13
  • Research Center for Biomedical Engineering2011-01-13
  • Laboratory of Life Science & Marine Biology2011-01-13
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