Q: What are the entry requirements for the Graduate School?
A: An applicant should have certain educational background and Chinese language ability.

(1) Applicants for Master programs should have a Bachelor degree.

(2) Applicants for Doctoral programs should have a Master degree.

(3) Language skills requirements: (a) For programs taught in Chinese: Applicants for programs of humanities and management should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 6 or new HSK band 5-score 180, and those for science and engineering programs should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 4 or new HSK band 4-score 195. (b) For Master program offered in English: See the requirements of the program. (c) For Doctoral program applicants: If the English level is sufficient, the Chinese language requirement could be adjusted for some majors.

Master's candidates: A foreign applicant shall have received a bachelor degree or equivalent education.

Doctoral candidates: A foreign applicant shall have received a masters degree or equivalent education.
Q: How do I apply for a postgraduate program?
A: Step 1: Online Application

Complete On-line Application on the website of Foreign Student Affairs Office, Tsinghua University (http://intlstudent.cic.tsinghua.edu.cn/app ). Print and sign the Application Form produced by the system after the application status changes to “verified”.

For MBA and IMBA Program, please apply through website: http://mbaapplication.sem.tsinghua.edu.cn

Step 2: Documents Submission

For applicants of programs offered in English, please submit the application documents listed on the website of Foreign Student Affairs Office, Tsinghua University, by post mail or in person. For applicants of programs offered in English, the hardcopies of application documents should be submitted to the relevant department/school.

Step 3: Application Fee Payment

Two ways to pay application fee:

1. Pay online using credit card;

After your online application form is verified or the materials are received by Tsinghua University, the staff will make you the online payment draft, and at the same time, an email will be automatically sent out to remind you to pay the application fee via the online application system.

2. Pay in cash at the Foreign Student Affairs Office (Room 120, Zijing Building 22) of Tsinghua University.
Q: What is the deadline for applying for postgraduate programs?
A: Graduate Programs delivered in Chinese

Phase 1: November 1,2011 -- December 31, 2011

Phase 2:January 1, 2012 -- February 29, 2012

Both the Online Application and a complete set of Application documents should be completed and the package should be received by February 29, 2012.

Please note that for the Government or University scholarship applicants, online application and all the application documents should be submitted before December 31, 2011.

Graduate programs delivered in English: starting November 1st 2011, till the deadlines specified by the programs.
Q: Do you provide accommodation?
A: We have a range of accommodation available for our students, situated in the school campus. All our accommodation is within easy walking distance of the main buildings, and is connected to the school and city center by frequent bus services. The rate is RMB 800 per month for single room.

Q: When will I be allocated University accommodation?
A: You will be allocated accommodation when you have met all the conditions attached to the offer of your place to study, completed the accommodation application form and also returned the confirmation card.

Q: When do the University terms start?
A: The majority of courses follow the standard semester dates.