Programs in Chinese

The Graduate School at Shenzhen strives to serve the development of the regional and national economies and contribute to Tsinghua's endeavor to become a world-class university. The School aims to achieve academic preeminence in research and teaching by trasplanting key disciplines from the main campus to Shenzhen, developing new disciplines with local characteristics and encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations.

Course Objective
The master’s research programs offer a broad and innovative course curriculum focusing on cutting-edge research and industry practices in China. Candidates will develop advanced research skills and mastery of specific area which may lead to future doctoral studies.
Course Length and Structure
Two to three years full time study. Students will undertake the course study in the first semester/year at Tsinghua Beijing Campus; and conduct research and industry practices in Graduate School at Shenzhen. Upon successful completion of the master’s thesis (can be in Chinese or English), students will be awarded the master’s degree.
Entry Requirements
1) Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree.
2) Language skills requirements:
For programs taught in Chinese: Applicants for programs of humanities, arts, management, journalism and law should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 6 or new HSK band 5−score 180, and those for science and engineering programs should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 4 or new HSK band 4−score 195.
Divisions and Research Areas

Academic Division




Energy and Environment

 083000 环境科学与工程

 Environmental Science and Engineering

胡洪营 Hu Hongying

张锡辉 Zhang Xihui

管运涛 Guan Yuntao

王荣合 Wang Ronghe 

毛献忠 Mao Xianzhong

李欢 Li Huan
吴光学 WU Guangxue

 080800 电气工程 Electrical Engineering

王黎明 Wang Liming

贾志东 Jia Zhidong

 080500 材料科学与工程

 Materials Science and Engineering

康飞宇 Kang Feiyu

唐国翌 Tang Guoyi

李宝华 Li Baohua

    Li Bo

赵世玺 Zhao Shixi

姚有为 Yao Youwei

杜鸿达 Du Hongda

 070300 化学 Chemistry

黎维彬 Li Weibin


Information Science and Technology

 081000 信息与通信工程

 Information and Communication Engineering

林孝康 Lin Xiaokang

廖庆敏 Liao Qingmin

李卫锋 Li Weifeng

王兴军 Wang Xingjun

董宇涵 Dong Yuhan

张学聃 Zhang Xuedan

陈友斌 Chen Youbin

杨文明 Yang Wenming

 081200 计算机科学与技术

Computer Science and Technology

夏树涛 Xia Shutao

   Jiang Yong

   Yuan Chun

郑海涛 Zheng Haitao

吴志勇 Wu Zhiyong

      Zhang Lei

 081100 控制科学与工程

Control Science and Engineering

    Li Xiu

    Zhang Yue

 080900 电子科学与技术

Electronics Science and Technology

    Zhang Sheng

钱可元 Qian Keyuan


Life Science and Health

 070200 物理学 Physics

    Ma Hui

何永红 He Yonghong

孙树清 Sun Shuqing

    Zeng Nan

 070300 化学 Chemistry

蒋宇扬 Jiang Yuyang

谭春燕 Tan Chunyan

刘红霞 Liu Hongxia

高春梅 Gao Chunmei

 071000 生物学 Biology

吴耀炯 Wu Yaojiong

黄来强 Huang Laiqiang

张雅鸥 Zhang Yaou

    Ma Lan

史小军 Shi Xiaojun

     Mei Lin

武小金 Wu Xiaojin

 083100 生物医学工程

Biomedical Engineering

      Wu Jian

袁克虹 Yuan Kehong

     Peng Cheng



Social Sciences and Management


 010100 哲学 Philosophy

曾国屏 Zeng Guoping

王蒲生 Wang Pusheng

戴吾三 Dai Wusan

君游 Yang Junyou

李万新 Li Wanxin

 120100 管理科学与工程

Management Science and Engineering

刘广灵 Liu Guangling

陈伯成 Chen Bocheng



Advanced Manufacturing


 080400 仪器科学与技术

Instrument Science and Technology

王晓浩 Wang Xiaohao

马建设 Ma Jianshe

刘学平 Liu Xueping

程学珉 Cheng Xuemin

 080200 机械工程

Mechanical Engineering

夏必忠 Xia Bizhong



Logistics and Transportation


120100 管理科学与工程

Management Science and Engineering

缪立新 Miao Lixin

高本河 Gao Benhe

戚铭尧 Qi Mingyao

涂南 Tu Nan

李强 Li Qiang

徐青青 Xu Qingqing



Ocean Science and Technology


 071000 生物学 Biology

蔡中华 Cai Zhonghua

 083000 环境科学与工程

Environmental Science and Engineering

陈道毅 Chen Daoyi

Application Enquiries
For application details please refer to How to Apply
Applicants are encouraged to contact divisions and supervisors, or Overseas Cooperation Office of Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University via following contact:
Tel: +86 755-2603 6337
Fax: +86 755-2603 6029