Full-time Postdoc Position in Subsea Gas-oil-water Multiphase Flow Metering
Post Time :2015-04-16 14:26:40

Division of Ocean Science and Technology in Tsinghua University now is looking for 1 – 2 post-doctor in research on Subsea Gas-oil-water Multiphase Flow Metering. The working location will be in Shenzhen campus but frequently travel to Beijing.


1. Research topic

Electrical capacitance and resistance tomography based gas-oil-water multiphase flow metering. Includes: electrical capacitance and resistance sensor design; image reconstruction algorithm; inverse calculation and modeling for key parameters (e.g. water-to-liquid ratio, thickness of liquid layer, and flow rate) of gas-oil-water multiphase flows; CFD simulation of gas-liquid flows; venturi pressure difference measurement


2. Requirements

  • At least 2 years experience in research on Electrical capacitance tomography, Electrical resistance tomography, or Gas-liquid flows measurement.

  • Awarded PhD degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Engineering Thermal Physics, or relative subjects.

  • Familiar with Measurement principle, Electrostatic, Signal processing, Mathematic (Inverse calculation), or Computational fluid mechanics.

  • Familiar with MATLAB, FEM analysis (e.g. COMSOL), AUTOCAD or SOLIDWORK, CFD simulation tool.

  • Fluent writing in English for publications.


3. Salary

RMB 180000 – 210000 per year.

4. Documents for application

Please send your cover letter and CV to Liyi@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn.