Bus Line

The best way to become familiar with and to explore the city of Shenzhen is via public transport. Not only will this save you money by avoiding taxi fares, it will also provide you with freedom. This guide will show you how to get started. The guide will concentrate on Shenzhen’s Metro system showing bus connections to and from the University Town. The aim is to give you the reader confidence to use the whole public transport system.

Payment Methods
You may pay cash or use a travel card on both the bus and metro. The Shenzhentong card is the most convenient method with which to pay the fare. The card can be purchased, and credit added, at the ticket booth at any Metro station (or 7-11 stores). You will need to pay a deposit for the card, which will be returned when the card is surrendered.
The card saves time and money by avoiding the need to queue to buy metro tokens and by reducing the cost of the fare. For example, on a 2RMB bus fare, the card will provide typically a 20% saving; making the fare paid 1.60RMB (a lot of little raindrops make a mighty ocean!).
Another advantage to the card is in the event of theft (or loss) of the card, you can present the original receipt at the station’s ticket booth, which will cancel the card and return the unused balance (minus the deposit).

Shenzhen Metro
Currently the Shenzhen Metro network has two lines, Line 1 and Line 4. There is construction underway to both increase the existing lines and build new ones to connect with the rest of the city. This is scheduled to be completed in stages, ready for when Shenzhen holds the Universiade (World University Games), which will be held at the University Town in 2011.
Cash: You may pay cash at the ticket machines at the metro station. The purchased RFID token is used to enter/exit the gate.Card: The Shenzhentong card bills the fare according to distance travelled (and no waiting in the token queue!).

Cash: All buses will accept cash. Depending on the bus service, the bus may or may not have a bus conductor. Those with a bus conductor will provide you with change, plus there will be a tier system for fares depending on where you wish to alight. The driver only buses will have a fixed fare no change system.
Card: The driver only bus will have a fixed card reader located next to the driver, while the conductor carries a portable card reader on the conductor buses. On several routes, there may be differences in the fare paid due to the bus having extra facilities, such as air conditioning or comfy seats.

Explore Shenzhen
Taking Shenzhen Metro will help navigate the city much easier. Catch bus No.43 to Hong Hua Ling stop, or to Window of the World stop can make transfers from buses to the Metro. The nearest No.43 bus stop is located opposite the main entrance to the Tsinghua Campus.
Alight at the bus’ Hong Hua Ling stop, tourists can make transfers to University Town station of Huanzhong Line.
Alight at the bus’ final stop Window of the World , which is the underground bus station connected to Window of the World junction station, tourists can make transfers to Luobao Line and Longhua Line. The tourist attraction Window of the World is located here. The 43 bus and the metro run from 6:30am to 11pm. The frequency on Luobao Line  is from 2 to 5 minutes, with fare from 2 to 5 RMB.

Shenzhen Metro Map (PDF)