GSST holds first iShare International Student Exchange
Post Time :2018-04-26 10:43:47



The first meeting of the international student culture exchange activity “iShare” was successfully held on Tuesday, April 24th at the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University (GSST). The event invited Prof. Wang Pusheng to share with students his knowledge of traditional Chinese culture. Zhu Lijing from the Graduate Student Office, members of the GSST Student Union, as well as students from the United States, Canada, Ghana, Russia, Thailand, and Indonesia participated in this event.

International students share the culture of their home countries.

At the event, Ms. Zhu welcomed the students and briefly explained the functions of the Graduate Student Office. She expressed her hopes that international students and the Graduate Student Office can work together to create more opportunities and engagement for international students at GSST.

GSST Student Union President Li Yao gave an overview of the student clubs and events available at GSST, and encouraged international students to join in these activities.

During the exchange, Prof. Wang led the students in an engaging discussion, covering topics ranging from the differences between Labor Day celebrations in China and other countries, to the impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative on promoting national development, to international economy and trade. Prof. Wang underscored the importance of cultivating global competence, and advised the students to fully immerse themselves while studying abroad.

Prof. Wang leads students in a lively discussion.

The iShare program aims to improve the global competences of GSST students by providing a platform for exchange and understanding between international students and their Chinese counterparts. This program was initiated by Sunny Xi, an international student from Canada pursuing a Master’s at TBSI. He is also GSST’s first International Graduate Assistant, a position formed by the Graduate Student Office last year to involve international students in the development of school programming and policy aimed at helping international students adjust to life at GSST.

An international student reflects on the first iShare event.

Text: Xi Jingyang, Li Yao

Pictures: Che Haotian