GSST Signs Agreement with Offshore Oil Engineering Co.
Post Time :2017-04-28 10:58:33

GSST Signs Agreement with Offshore Oil Engineering Co.

On 28 December, China (Shenzhen) International Marine Industries Fair and the 2nd Shenzhen Ocean Development Forum opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Chinese Society of Oceanography (CSO) and Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology co-hosted the event, which is one of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Economic Belt serial events. At the opening ceremony, WU Xiaofeng (Associate Dean, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University (GSST)) and ZHANG Qing (Vice-President, Offshore Oil Engineering Co. (COOEC) signed an agreement of collaboration. LEI Bo (Party Secretary, South China Sea Branch, State Oceanic Administration (SOA); Executive Director, Chinese Society of Oceanography (CSO)) hosted the signing ceremony.


The agreement included collaboration in top-tier technologies, equipment and industrialization, development in offshore oil and gas exploration, construction of domestic ocean equipment, construction of a training base for developing oceanographic talent, resource sharing, as well as exploration in developing academic programs, training courses, career opportunities, and research applications between universities and commercial institutions.


Also in attendance were LIN Jie (Head of United Front Work Department, Shenzhen), JIANG Yuyang (Deputy Director, Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress), CHEN Lianzeng (Chairman, CSO; ex-Deputy Director, SOA), SU Jilan (member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA), ZHOU Shouwei (Vice-President, China Association of Science and Technology; member of Chinese Academy of Engineering), ZHANG Xueji (University of Science and Technology Beijing; member of Russian Academy of Engineering), PAN Delu (Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA), JIAN Xigao (Dalian University of Technology), CHEN Jisheng (military medicine and pharmaceutical chemistry expert; member of Chinese Academy of Engineering) and Professor CHEN Daoyi (Head of the Division of Ocean Science and Technology, GSST). After the signing ceremony, Professor CHEN Daoyi delivered a talk titled “Solutions to Offshore Wind Power Construction under the Challenging Condition of the South China Sea”.


Offshore Oil Engineering Company is a listed company controlled by China National Offshore Oil Corporation. It is a leading company in China and is internationally competitive. Along with the exploration of the South China Sea, the core of the offshore oil engineering industry has been shifted to Shenzhen. The collaboration between GSST and Offshore Oil Engineering Company will no doubt contribute to the development of offshore technology and engineering.