Associate Professor CHEN Bocheng
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Contact Information

Tel 0086 (0)755 26036853



Master degree: 1985 Automation Department, Tsinghua University

Bachelor degree: 1982 Automation Department, Tsinghua University

Professional Experience

2006.6-Present Associate Professor, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University

1996.6-2006.5 Associate Professor, School of Economics&Management, Tsinghua University

1993-1996.5 Instructor, Management Information System, School of Economics&Management, Tsinghua University

1988.11-1993 Instructor of Reactor control system, Institute of Nuclear energy and technology, Tsinghua University

1985-1988 Assistant Professor, Institute of Nuclear energy and technology, Tsinghua University

Teaching Experience

Undergraduate courses

1994-2004 Simulation, Operating System

1998-2004 Information system security and cryptography

MBA courses

1994 Computer Conspectus

1999-2004 ERP

Research Fields

Supply Chain& Logistics Modeling, Decision Making, Information system

Recent Publications

1. Chen Bocheng, Ip WH, Li Yingjie, The Analyzing and Modeling to the Customer Relationship Chain Management[J], System Engineering Theory and Practice, 2005.5 (in Chinese)

2. Sheng Peng, Chen Bocheng, Ip WH, Study on Building an Enterprise Sales Information System Based on a Sales Theory[J]. China Soft Science, 2005.11 (in Chinese)

3. Chen Bocheng, Ip WH. Markov chain customer relationship management model based on the Hopfield neural network[J]. J Tsinghua Univ (Sci &Tech), 2005.12 (in Chinese)

4. Ip WH, Chen Bocheng, A functional framework for integrating eCRM with workflow management based on customer value[J]. Tsinghua Science and Technology, v11, n1, Feb, 2006, p65-73

5. Chen Bocheng, The study and application of CPFR model and its analysis in China[C]. ICSSSM'06 , 2007, p 745-749

6. Chen Bocheng, A kind of CRM modeling and its sale strategy analyzing[J]. Journal of Management science, 2007(2) (in Chinese)

7. Chen Bocheng, The expected net present value solution and their CLV comparison of two kinds of Markov CRM models[C]. ICSSSM'08, 5th International Conference Service Systems and Service Management, 2008, p 1-5

8. Chen Bocheng, The analysis to lead-time difference of exporting containers between Hong Kong and Yantian port[C]. IEEE/SOLI 2008. IEEE International Conference on Volume 2, 12-15 Oct. 2008, p 2415 – 2420

9. Ip, W.H; Bocheng Chen Modelling a CRM Markov chain process using system dynamics[J]. International Journal of Value Chain Management, 2(4), p420-435, 2008

10. Chen Bocheng, Li Yingjie. An improvement on the basic least squares support vector machine algorithm[C]. 6th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM), p879-82, 2009.

11. Fengqun Lin, Bocheng Chen, The Design of a Lightweight RFID Middleware[J]. International Journal of Engineering Business Management, 1(2):p93-78, 2009

12. Wang, H. Chen, B. and Yan, H. Optimal Inventory Decisions in a Multiperiod Newsvendor Problem with Partially Observed Markovian Supply Capacities[J], to appear in European Journal of Operational Research, 202(2): p502-517, 2010